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The only way to really experience the true Amsterdam culture is to be guided by one of the cute and intelligent Dutch escort girls from Budget. We provide access to the most energetic, intelligent young ladies and the most exotic natural women in the city. Any one of these Amsterdam escorts can be yours for any amount of time day or night. After all, you haven’t experienced Amsterdam until you tour the historical district in the day, party in the Red Light District at night, and enjoy many legal hallucinogenic options with incredibly beautiful Dutch and international escorts in Amsterdam.

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Whether you need a local girl to show you around, someone to hit the strip with, or even an intelligent woman with whom to attend an important business function;, the women of Budget Escorts can do it all. The flat rate for each of our international and Dutch escort girls is 160 Euros an hour (unless you require special services that involve extra devices or equipment), regardless of what kind of time you have planned for you and your Amsterdam escort. Though many of our girls are from Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands, we also bring in the most stunning ladies from across the globe: France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Latin America and so many more. Each of these ladies undergoes a thorough background check, complete with age verification and identification documents. If you’d like to see pictures of our available girls, we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect woman to make your trip to Amsterdam unforgettable. We recommend that you call in advance to book your girl early. We are also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when you need an escort on short notice.

Tour the City with an Energetic Local Guide

Choose a vivacious young companion to accompany you on an exciting trip around the city’s most visited sights and the surrounding countryside. The benefit of having a local girl from Amsterdam around is that you’ll get to see the things that locals do. Our girls are infectiously happy and always willing to try new things. In fact, these are the perfect escorts in Amsterdam to try a legal hallucinogenic brownie or other delectable goodies in one of the many local coffee shops in town. Local Dutch escort girls know where the best products are, so trust them for your first experience with Amsterdam culture.

Find Your Wild Side on the Strip

Of course, you can’t experience all of Amsterdam while the sun is still up. Take an incredibly sexy Amsterdam escort with you as you hit the hottest clubs in the Red Light District. These party girls love to wear revealing outfits that highlight their natural curves and incredible figures, so expect to be welcomed into the most elite VIP areas and get used to never waiting in line to enter a club or bar. When you have a stunning, long-legged and busty blonde babe on your arm, you’ll be treated like a celebrity because that’s exactly what you’ll be. But don’t worry; even though these Dutch escort girls get a lot of attention, she’s only eager to please you. When you’re with a Budget Escorts girl, she’s yours from the minute you step foot in a club to the second she leaves your hotel room.

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Instead of spending a beautiful evening alone in your room, why not spend it with a gorgeous escort from Amsterdam, or France, or Russia, or the U.K.? Many of our international and Dutch escort girls are very creative and artistic, and they value an intimate evening with someone special. Order a couple bottles of fine wine and relax with your special lady, who is always eager to please her client. She’ll dress as seductively as you wish, and many intriguing ladies even love to play dress-up for our customers. All you have to do is ask, and your chosen girl will bring a collection of sexy, playful and downright naughty outfits to try on for you: cheerleaders, schoolgirls, nurses and even dominatrix and leather-clad outfits to really get your juices flowing. Best of all, our most exotic and erotic ladies speak multiple languages, adding to the fun and seductive nature of the moment. Release your inhibitions and let an Amsterdam escort take you on a wild, romantic ride.

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Regardless of the age of the girl you’d like to take with you on your next big business function or social event, Budget Escorts has access to ladies that are knee-deep in their studies, and mature women who have completed their education and revel in the chance to take part in the activities of high society. You benefit from these types of escorts in Amsterdam because these ladies are able to hold intelligent conversations with anybody, regardless of the subject. When your stunningly beautiful date not only impresses with her incredible body but her sharp mind, you’ll be the center of attention no matter where you are. Since so many of our escorts come from other countries, these ladies are well-traveled, and often have interesting opinions to add to any discussion. Best of all, whether you choose an international girl or one of the cute local Dutch escort girls, your mind will be blown in more ways than one. After she’s finished impressing you in public, just wait until you get her back to your room to unwind with a little one-on-one time. It’s no surprise that tourists, travelers and businessmen from across the globe return to the city for an escort Amsterdam is famous for.