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German Escort Amsterdam Blonde, Lena

Get a taste of the great outdoors with our fabulous German Amsterdam escort blonde, Lena. She loves to get down and dirty for leisure and for work. This outdoorsy babe is 21 years old and is always looking for a taste of adventure. Her hobbies include hiking, cycling, canoeing and many other activities. When she isn’t enjoying the great outdoors, the naturist is studying hard for her a degree in economics at a local university. As part of our Amsterdam escort bureau, this spirited creature has many other sexual interests! 

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Take some time to do something fun outside with Lena. One of her favorite things to do is to have a romantic walk in the park where she has the opportunity to get to know whoever is in her company and show off her radiant personality.  

Sexy Germany Blonde

This 1.67 meter (or 5 feet 6 inch) tall babe weighs 49.7 kilograms (or 110 pounds), and she carries it all in her backside. Her body certainly has enough to grab. Even though she carries most of her curve in her tush, Lena also has very full and natural size 38 C breasts to be playful with. She is a talented Amsterdam escort and a exercise challenge for men who appreciate curves. Lena is just the special kind of gal  you might expect from local Dutch escorts.

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