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Italian escort in Amsterdam and wild child Miriam

At Budget Escorts, we have the perfect wild child escort in Amsterdam for you. Miriam is a 21-year-old Italian/Greek goddess. This model has an exotic face with the most mystical deep brown eyes and sculptured features that will make any man run wild. Her body is perfect, complete with soft, olive skin and small, yet supple size 34 B breasts. Although she is tiny, standing only 1.62 meters (or 5 feet 4 inches) tall and weighing only 47.9 kilograms (or 106 pounds), this young lady has lots of energy to go around. 

Role Playing Kinky Escort Services

Besides modeling and working as a part-time escort Amsterdam men can’t get enough of, she works part-time as a thespian with a local theater group. This aspiring actress/model has definitely got talent. She uses it well by bringing your fantasies to life through kinky role playing of her own characters she’s had the chance to develop while working at our Amsterdam escort bureau. You may think you’ve taken part in some roll playing in the past, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Miriam take the bedroom action to the next level

Old World Charm

Of course, if role playing isn’t your thing, she can still work you out under the sheets with all of that young, pent-up energy. If you want a little more romance and down time before she ravishes you, tell her to dress up in her finest jewels and show off the brown-haired goddess around town. If there are other escorts services in Amsterdam, men won’t even consider at them. They’ll be paying attention to the luscious lover on your arm. Therefore when you meet this sweetheart, you won’t want to give her anything but the best.

Miriam is truly a strong independent girl, sensual yet sweet beauty who will not disappoint. Her bright personality shines through, because her energy is infectious. Fancy doing a little role playing with this goddess of desire? Call Budge Amsterdam Escorts soon to book an evening in paradise with Miriam!