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Mature Escort In Amsterdam Renee

Take one look into this red-haired vixen’s pale hypnotizing green eyes and be swept away for the night. One of our most talented Amsterdam escorts, 25-year-old Renee can bring your sex life to new and unpredictable heights. Part of her talent derives from being a former hostess at a gentleman’s club, where she picked up some unique moves few have seen before. This is one of the many reasons this Amsterdam escort is now one of our most popular girls

Freelance Writer and Bartender

When she isn’t treating her suitors to an unforgettable evening, Renee is a freelance writer and a bartender. Ask her to mix you up a cold mixed drink and maybe she will even share some of her writing with you. She has a fiery spirit that will surely ignite your excitement. This fun-loving fox sees every experience as opportunities to meet fascinating people and to explore new things. She always has spontaneous ideas for things to do with her suitors if they are unsure of what to do because she loves to share her sense of adventure with anyone she can. Spontaneity is something in this escort Amsterdam girl’s envy.

Complete Natural Beauty

Renee has 1.72 meters (or 5 feet 8 inches) of long and lean legs and overall flawlessness. All 49.8 kilograms (or 110 pounds) of her and her ample size 36 C breasts seem to defy gravity so much that you wouldn’t believe everything on her is natural!  Renee can rock your world exclusively, but she is also very popular with our regular couples. Her relaxed and friendly demeanor always puts clients at ease, which she says allows clients to unravel and be more adventurous than they thought they could be. Nothing can stop this mature lady from performing her best moves for you.

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