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If high class escorts in Amsterdam are what you are searching for, this is one city you should visit. Not because of the unique culture or the terrific music, food and art, but because of the high class Amsterdam escorts. Holland is one-of-a-kind for many reasons, and these exceptional Amsterdam escorts are the biggest one. Nowhere else can you experience the company of a jaw-dropping woman while enjoying legal hallucinogenic goodies in one of the most recognizable places anywhere in the world — the Red Light District. As the leading agency in the country, Budget Escorts provides access to the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re a casual tourist, a busy business traveler or you’ve come to the city in search of an escort in Amsterdam, Budget Escorts is all you need to enjoy your time in the Netherlands.

Drink and Dine with Society’s Elite

Your ability to make a splash in the upscale social scene drastically improves with an Amsterdam escort at your side. The high class Amsterdam escorts at Budget are not only visually unparalleled, but they’ve got sharp, educated minds. Whether you’d prefer a mature woman or lady in her early-twenties, many of our escorts in Amsterdam have completed their education or are continuing their studies part-time. This is useful for you because not only will your lady impress your friends with her buxom figure, but she’ll blow their minds with her quick wit and knowledge of current political events and other higher-minded subjects. If you show her a good time in high society, she’ll take you to the other side of high society. You can let loose in an intimate setting with your new darling, after sampling some of the local hallucinogenic treats this city is famous for. It doesn’t get better than relaxing in your suite after a long evening spent mingling with the city’s elite, especially when your gorgeous vixen walks through the door after slipping into something more comfortable.

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Many of our refined women are very fond of intimate time with their clients. Take her out to a fancy, romantic dinner and you’ll feel like there’s nobody else in the world. Best of all, your evening won’t end at her front door. These high class Amsterdam escorts love company all night long! Why spend a single minute alone when you can spend your trip with a beautiful Amsterdam escort? Budget Escorts has found that many businessmen and experienced travelers will return often to Holland just to spend another night with the high class Amsterdam escort of their dreams. These women are so addictive that men travel thousands of miles just for a fix.

Powerful Women for Men Who Desire Something Different

Often, men will seek out the kind of escorts Amsterdam is famous for — professional dominatrices. Budget Escorts can give you access to the most seductive temptresses in all of Amsterdam, whether you’re into gorgeous blue-eyed, blonde-haired German women, exotic Brazilian goddesses or playful French girls that love to tease. These women love out-of-town travelers, and it won’t take long until you’re completely in their grasp. Many of these powerful high class Amsterdam escorts maintain their own dungeons as well, so if you desire a strong woman, look no farther than Budget Escorts. Spend an hour or an evening with one of these women, but just make sure your time with her is well spent. You won’t see women like this again — until you come back for more!

Innocent Girls for Powerful Men

Spend an evening with one of our adorable young ladies and you’ll see that innocent doesn’t mean what you think it means. To these girls, innocence is a game they play when they dress up for you in cute schoolgirl outfits or cheerleader costumes. In fact, these cute and energetic girls love to surprise you with their talents, whether they’re modeling a revealing outfit or showing you how to relax the Amsterdam way. Combine legal hallucinogens and a one-on-one evening with one of these delicious darlings and you’ll be hooked on Europe’s Sexy City for good. Take your cunning temptress out on the town as well, after all, she’s completely in your hands and always eager to please! If you want to take your Amsterdam escort to the strip and party until tomorrow, she’ll gladly oblige. These timid-at-first girls have a definite wild side, all they need is someone to bring it out of them!

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Each escort Amsterdam men go crazy for are available at a low, flat rate: only 160 Euros an hour. However, if you request a special session — like a domination scenario that requires extra equipment and devices — you may incur a nominal fee. We keep our rates so low because we know you’ll come back again and again; it’s how we stay Holland’s premier agency for Amsterdam escorts of all nationalities. In fact, our girls are from all across the globe: Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Latin American, Brazil, and of course the Dutch escorts countryside as well as many other countries.

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